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EUREC MSc Students at CRES Demonstration Wind Farm-PENA
Fifteen (15) EUREC MSc students of different nationalities visited CRES Demonstration Wind Farm-PENA and informed on the renewable energy sources, their main applications as well as on LIFE project and particularly on the modern techniques used for the limitation of the impacts of wind farms on biodiversity. Dissemination material is distributed.
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Presentation of the project at the 11th National Conference for Renewable Energy Sources, 14-16 March, Thessaloniki, Greece
The participants of the 11th National Conference for Renewable Energy Sources, which took place from 14th to 16th of March at the Aristote University in Thessaloniki, had the opportunity to be informed about the project and receive information material.
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Installation of the 2nd DTBird system of CRES at Thrace
The installation took place between 5-7 February.
A high professional team from TERNA, dtBird, VESTAS Hellas, and ACTIVE Point helped us to install the dtBird system on a wind turbine V90-VESTAS at the wind farm at Derveni in Thrace. The system includes 4 and 6 speakers at two heights at 65m and 25m of wind turbine tower respectively, and 4 high definition (HD) cameras at 15m from the base of the wind turbine. The installation of the speakers, cameras, cables, and dtBird rack cabinet inside the wind turbine, was made with special magnets.
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