LIFE12 BIO/GR/000554 - Demonstration of good practices to minimize impacts

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LIFE12 BIO/GR/000554
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Welcome to the project website "LIFE12 BIO/GR/000554- Demonstration of good practices to minimize impacts of wind farms on biodiversity in Greece". Here you will be informed about the project objectives, activities and results. Our website will be updated regularly to provide information to all interested parties about the project and issues relating to environmental protection and biodiversity conservation. The cooperation between the two organizations CRES and NCC, the organizations associated with Renewables and Nature conservation respectively, aims to harmonize the production of wind energy to the protection of biodiversity in a direction that would limit any negative aspects and maximize the benefits for both sides.

The program is implemented by CRES and the environmental consulting company NCC, with the contribution of EU's financial instrument LIFE+ .

The total budget of the project is 894.784 Euro. ďhe EC Contributions is 430.642,0 euros.

Presentation of the project at WindEurope 2018 Conference & Exhibition, 25 - 28 September, Hamburg
WindEuropeós (formerly EWEA) global on & offshore wind energy conference will be held at the Global Wind Summit in Hamburg on September 25-28, 2018. We will meet you there.
Radar and thermal camera recording at CRES Demonstration Wind Farm-PENA, at Keratea
Radar and thermal camera recordings are continued at CRES Wind Farm Park in Keratea by NCC in collaboration with CRES.